Time To Take The Gloves Off- We're Covering Parenting

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Is there any topic hotter than parenting? It seems you can’t scroll through your facebook feed these days without landing on yet another article taking a position on how-to, not-to, why-this-is-the-right-way-to, what’s-wrong-with-you-if-you-don’t-or-do and the who’s-who-of parenting.

trappedWe’ve got attachment and tigers and mommy blogs galore. And with good reason. In our rapidly changing world where we’re trying to keep up with the shifts in how we work and live and interact with one another, it just makes sense that parents and non-parents alike are caught up in a swirl of discussions around how we should be raising our young.

So your friends here at Beams and Struts decided that we should get in on the action and do a theme month on parenting. That’s right folks, we’re about to lay down a bunch of controversial ideas about parenting so we can watch you all fight amongst yourselves. Just kidding. Well, not about the theme month part. 

As you probably know by now, we’re all about bringing in multiple and layering perspectives to topics with the intention of sparking dialogue. We don’t feel we need to do that by creating shit storms with nasty ‘my-mothering-ways-are-better-than-your-mothering-ways’ articles because you -our readers- are intelligent and want to engage in healthy dialogue that moves the culture forward, right?

Parenting wars are SO LAST SPRING!

Over the next month we will be publishing articles looking at parenting from many different angles, authored by parents and non-parents, veteran contributors on this site and fresh new voices. We’ll be bringing you some art and poetry and photography. We’ll aim to welcome you in to some personal narrative, challenge ideas and spark discussion. We’ll touch on topics from discipline to single parenting to living your purpose to questions of whether to breed or not breed and much much more.

And of course, we’ll solve everything and save the world.

Please join us by reading, sharing and engaging in dialogue. 

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