Theme Week: The Dark Side of the Womb

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Kicking things off with the Saturday Night Jukebox, we've got a special week ahead that we're calling The Dark Side of the Womb.

This theme week focuses on women and associated topics that linger in the shadows. We're bringing you some gender specific struggles of our current time, shining light on the female underbelly, and challenging a few cultural assumptions about women (and by women). We've got both genders tackling this one, bringing much diversity and insight.

Here's a preview of what's coming...darkcircle

An article by Chela...Those Crazy Bitches...why anger in women is so not cool.

A two-part Article by Bergen...If Women Ruled the World and other Gender the Cult of the Goddess.

An essay by TJ...Women vs. Women..What Margaret Atwood and Walt Disney Have in Common.

And check out new contributing writer, Saskia Tait, as she brings us a Dark Side themed Sacred Sunday.

Throughout the week we'll also be throwing in some Bricolage to accessorize this compelling topic.

So please join us, read...take it in...join in the discussion...otherwise I'll totally throw a Crazy Bitch Rage Fit...        

Be there. And meet the dark side...

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