Theme Week: Fortnight of the Living Dead

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What's a vampire's favourite flavour of ice cream?

What do zombies look for in a woman?
Brains before beauty.

Welcome to Undead Week at Beams and Struts!

undead2Following in the glorious footsteps of previous theme weeks like Sports Week, Community Week, and Dark Side of the Womb Week, Undead Week promises double the adventure and surprise. That's right folks, Undead Week is really Undead Fortnight! Two weeks of articles, music, and blogs dedicated to the undead in culture today.  

Here's a list of what's been happening so far...

- TJ asks, What's With All the Vampires, Wizards and Zombies All of a Sudden? He suggests that people may be warming up to the undead as we mature in our relationship to all things magical and mystical.

- Jeremy follows a similar vein arguing that these movies and shows are "a cry for integration" of long repressed shamanistic and animistic motives in culture. Electric Fairytales: The Return of Mythic Consciousness in Movies.

- Chris examines an interesting connection between notions of the undead and the Unborn, in What Do Vampires and Zombies Have to Teach Us About Enlightenment.  

- Trevor blows our brains out with the startling realization that maybe we're already of culture of zombies... though, not necessarily in the way you might think. Zombie Politics and the Walking Dead.

- Bergen gets all international on us with a dispatch from the Zombie homeland, Haiti. Nzambi: Zombie Culture in Haiti with Vice Magazine.

- Chris' Saturday Night Juke Box features The Zombies, a "totally underrated" 60s British invasion mod band. He also shows us How To Survive a Zombie Attack.

- Here's a Six Perspectives Compilation by TJ on Why The Zombie Apocalypse is So Popular.

- TJ takes a rather epic Facebook comment by a reader of his article, and posts it as its own piece in More Reasons Vampires and Zombies Keep Showing Up In Our Imaginations

- Chris explores the philosopher Slavoj Zizek's take on zombies via the Hegel, in Slavoj Zizek on Zombies.

- Trevor looks at the at the centuries old metaphor of capitalism as a vampire, in Sucking You Dry- Notes on Vampire Capitalism.

-And Undead Weeks finished with a group Saturday Night Jukebox, entitled Undead Issue, Episode. 2- Undead Can Dance.

Thanks for your interest. We'd love your thoughts or contributions to any of the pieces above, so please pick one and join the conversation.

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