With another Halloween approaching, it's a safe bet we'll see yet another cultural outbreak of the Halloween Whore.   
  What does the movie Fubar and Girls Gone Wild raunch culture have to do with the evolving cosmos? As it turns out, a lot.
Resisting conformity, a mother crafts her way into an artist's life.
  Sera Beak responds to Vanessa's recent article. A really beautiful and raw conversation ensues. 
This is obvious and known to everyone who's watched the show, isn't it?
    I'm fascinated/confounded by the website BetchesLoveThis.com. Is it satire of college age women? Is it a manifesto of hedonism and narcissism?
A look back at 80s music videos reveals a gay culture that was far more out than many seemed to recognize at the time, despite widespread homophobia. A short stroll through the last thirty years of music and culture reveals a rapidly changing cultural relationship to homosexuality.  
On analysing myself for an unconscious prejudice that leaves 50% of the population out of the picture.
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