C4Chaos makes his Beams debut with a scorcher on why we might consider supporting Occupy Wall St.
  What turns you on? How do you know? Is that really your flavour or is your sexuality rented out to cultural conditioning?
Arrgh, pirates are a pain. But on the high seas of Somalia, cannon balls won't cut it. We need something a little more... creative.
A meditation on how speaking can be a Divine act of creation. 
  Is it ever okay to be intolerant? Should some foreign cultures be rejected? These are difficult questions. The Taliban may help us answer them.  
Postmodern values are implicit in these ads that prominently feature yellow and black people cheering along with the whites.
  With another Halloween approaching, it's a safe bet we'll see yet another cultural outbreak of the Halloween Whore.   
  What do mutants have to teach us about the creation of humanity community? 
  What does the movie Fubar and Girls Gone Wild raunch culture have to do with the evolving cosmos? As it turns out, a lot.
The popular blog skewers the postmodern patting onself on the back beautifully, and hilariously. 
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