A short, to the point, review of Van Jones' new book Rebuilding the Dream, a manifesto for the 99% movement. 
On analysing myself for an unconscious prejudice that leaves 50% of the population out of the picture.
Body image issues - They’re just not for women anymore.
    Ubuntu is a free, open source operating system for your computer. It's an ethos. And a very large collaborative project. It also fosters community.
  Practising with anger. A follow up article to Those Crazy Bitches, exploring practice for our emotional development.
  Every theatre company in North America trots out a tired yuletide play at this time of year with one goal in mind: fleece the rubes!
The big question in Ian McEwan's novel Solar. 
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Here we go again. Another Canadian election day. But this time, maybe if we can just ignore it, just tune it out and refuse to participate in the games being played by our politicians, maybe this time they will hear the deafening silence of our absence. Don't Vote. It will…
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