A short, to the point, review of Van Jones' new book Rebuilding the Dream, a manifesto for the 99% movement. 
On analysing myself for an unconscious prejudice that leaves 50% of the population out of the picture.
Body image issues - They’re just not for women anymore.
    Ubuntu is a free, open source operating system for your computer. It's an ethos. And a very large collaborative project. It also fosters community.
  Practising with anger. A follow up article to Those Crazy Bitches, exploring practice for our emotional development.
  Every theatre company in North America trots out a tired yuletide play at this time of year with one goal in mind: fleece the rubes!
The big question in Ian McEwan's novel Solar. 
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Unsolicited advice on single parenting perhaps but really helpful and empowering advice nonetheless.  
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