What's your life's work? What's it going to take to really dig in and dish it out? Let's take a look...
The spiritual implications of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. 
Jesus of Nazareth, master shaman and guide for our contemporary world.  
How might we help conversations evolve here with a greater enacted awareness of our collective consciousness and development?
From the supreme ordeal to the age of reunion. Introducing a new video series by Troy Wiley.
  The stages of relating to an iconic figure in history while he lives, moves, has his being in the world. Especially one you love.  
This is a sermon that explores the industrial food supply as a key source of a generalized state of exile in our modern societies. It offers suggestions for how to begin the journey home.
  The unconscious, the uncanny, the absurd- a tour of postmodern artifacts via the art of Surrealism.
Ongoing events in the Middle East are significant, on this we can all agree. But of what significance are they? Jeremy Johnson holds this moment as one of planetary awakening, the birth pangs of a global culture.
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