You've probably had some, if you're partial to raspberry flavour. is a great resource for audiophiles. It has tons of cool stuff about everyone who's ever made music.
    Famous for booze-soaked ballads in the 70s and creative musical weirdness ever since, the legend is now sober. 
    The physiology of the need, not the psychology.
    Margaret Atwood explores science fiction, fantasy and mythology in her newest book In Other Worlds. This excerpt contains her look at Batman through a Jungian lens.
Who's that bangin on my door? Oh s*@t, it's the SWAT team!
    A recent documentary followed Dr. Gabor Mate's explorations of ayahuasca as a therapeutic tool, and featured research on the neurochemistry involved.
    What is it about train songs? Why are there so many of them, where do they come from, and why do we love 'em so much?
According to Fr. Richard Rohr, and Harvard prof Phillip L. Berman.
A guiding model for what's involved in achieving widespread societal transformation.
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