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Lots of folks are already familiar with Phoenix Jones, from the Raincity Superhero Crimefighting Movement, who's been featured on the nightly news and whose youtube clips have made the rounds. Jones has his own little hideout in a comic book store, is a successful MMA fighter (11-0-0), and, like Batman, he rocks a bullet and knife-resistant suit. Certainly quirky, he's been stabbed, shot at, had his nose busted, and seems content to spend his nights getting punched in the face breaking up fights and preventing DUIs. 

There's another crew out there too that has only recently come to my attention: the Real Life Superheros. These guys (and gal) are a little less physically imposing. They look more like high school principals and accountants, tucking their soft, chubby bodies into colourful suits - striking fear into sensibilities everywhere. None are intimidating, though some are creepy. They do have an endearing naivety, however, and splashes of colourful oddity are always easy to get behind. I suppose there are worse things to be doing with one's time. And it makes for good blogging.

Safety, Service, Justice

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And what would a Superhero be without his real life Villain..


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  • Comment Link TJ Dawe Saturday, 25 August 2012 17:30 posted by TJ Dawe

    HBO did a feature length documentary on Real Life Superheroes, featuring some of the heroes in the clips above - Life, SuperHero, Zimmer, Thanatos (who's based in Vancouver) and many others. Here's the trailer:

    It really is fascinating. After watching it, I posted on Facebook asking if any of my friends in Orlando had met Master Legend, who's based there, and one guy posted a picture of himself with him, saying he (Master Legend) had been very drunk. It shows him drinking a beer out of his crime-fighting van in the documentary, and going into a bar in costume.

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