Rockin' Through the Spiral

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Tonight’s Jukebox brings us through the spiral of levels of development. As we evolve through these levels, and integrate the one that’s come before, our perspectives expand, our views change and our values shift. Ideally, as we grow, we include where we’ve been in a deep and healthy way, expressing the wisdom of each level. So as we move through each song, each level, I invite you to feel it in your body, allow yourself to be moved by and feel the gifts of consciousness in its varied expression.

Here we go…Welcome to February and your consciousness playlist…

Red: Egocentric…Me. My way. Live for now. I will not be dominated or directed. This is my show, my game. I want respect. I am entitled to respect. I DON’T FUCK AROUND. I won’t be fucked around. Meet my power God. I am a Power God. See this line? Don’t cross it. Pre-rational and Self-Protective. I am where it begins and where it ends.


Amber: Ethnocetic…Me and My People. Our way or the highway. You’re in or you’re out. Belongingness. I serve and protect. YOU KILLED MY FATHER, PREPARE TO DIE. Family values, structure rules and rightiousness. Concrete Operational, conformist. If you want some truth, I’ve got the ultimate truth. Forceful truth.

Orange: Sociocentric…My Free Country. Let’s play to win the game. Formal Operational and Rational. Opportunity, growth and limitless possibility. I AM RESOURCEFUL AND DRIVEN. The American Fucking Dream. Strive Drive. Conscientious. Progress kids…let’s innovate, consume and rise.

Green: World Centric…All of Us. Equality for all. Hierarchy can burn in the hell that doesn’t exist since we’ve done away with dogma. Harmony and inclusion. Your perspective and my perspective and all perspectives float about in together in field of daisies. Pluralism. CARE. Relativistic human bond. Early vision logic. Here you get two, because, you know...pluralism.

Teal: Planet Centric…All Beings. I am distinct and simultaneously am a deeply integrated part of the whole. Flex Flow. Spontaneous, changeable and functional. I EAT PARADOX FOR BREAKFAST. Self-actualized and Integral. Middle vision logic. This view is expansive. I am the living, breathing, moving, growing, one being in communion with that which is and that which isn’t.

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