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9:57 Well it's over. It could go 332 EVs (not 303 as I gut told me Florida would have gone with Obama but my head told me differently. Should have gone with my gut). 

7:38 "I very much enjoy being from Ohio. Cost of living is cheap, we have fun cities, good beer, and plenty of hot chics. However, I get a little uncomfortable around election time when we get a disporportionate amount of attention from the Presidential candidates. 12 million Americans live in Ohio, 300 million Americans live in the other 49 states. It kinda feels like being the hot, sleazy cheerleader at a high school mixer. I'm like "stop trying to feel me up and go pay attention to Becky Sanders... She has hairy fingers, but she plays the trombone and is very nice.... now leave me alone!"  --my high school friend Riley Dugan on his FB thread. 

6:35 Dinner is beginning. It is mayhem. I'm currently being chocked by three year olds while watching John King drone on. 


6:21 "The election is cuckoo." Niko Wood, Juma's son (my godson, age 3). 

6:12 Ohio is really going to Obama. Like really. 

6:04 Br. Juma is claiming the mantle of token Republican at our party. 

5:57 Trevor is here now. "Society of the Spectacle man!" Quote of the night. 

5:23 Poll numbers are generally not super reliable but if they are basically on target, then my earlier predictions is probably going to prove true.

5:17 My call earlier today was Obama 303 Electoral Votes. That is he wins Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada, Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia. I think he narrowly loses Florida and somewhat less narrowly North Carolina. But looking at the early returns, there is a real possiblity of an Obama win in Florida. If Florida is that close, my spidey sense says Obama's got Virginia and certainly Ohio and therefore the election. 

5:12 Obama is going to win Ohio. No Republican can win without Ohio. 

5:06: Bill Nelson (D-FL) has already won re-election. Expected but a nice win for the Dems. 

5:04 Early results are coming in. Nothing surprising. NBC is calling Pennsylvania "too early to call" rather than "too close to call". 

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  • Comment Link Lindsay Robertson Wednesday, 07 November 2012 03:05 posted by Lindsay Robertson

    Hey Chris,

    TJ and I are following your blogging from Mackenzie Beach in Tofino on my iPhone. We have no tv or phone and bad/no Internet connection so you're all we've got!

    I was just wondering how the electoral votes thing works and why? Why some stated have more than others but its not in relation to their population. TJ said you'd be able to answer those questions well.

    So if you have a chanc amidst the mayhem, let me know! And thanks for keeping us posted. Looks like we'll hear this election called by you!


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