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This past summer, amidst the busyness and fullness that such a season brings, the last thing I was thinking about doing was an online program. Too much!  As a parent, it often feels like there just isn’t enough time. But as I started to explore the territory we’d be covering in Miriam Mason Martineau’s Parenting as a Spiritual Practice Course, I couldn’t not do it.

baby feetThis is an enthusiastic endorsement and recommendation that parents do this program, which begins November 19. Particularly parents looking to expand the context in which they’re parenting- bringing greater awareness and deeper practice to themselves, their children and the 'We' created together. If you’re considering doing this program, my vote is- dive in. The content is put together with such impecability and care, in a way that can really be worked with at a pace that suits your family. 

I immediately felt the shift in my way of relating to my son, to myself as parent and to my felt and expressed priorities. Both the content and container of the community that Miriam creates feels so deeply important to the unfolding ways we grow- as both parents and children. Parenting as a Spiritual practice continues to ripple through me and my development. 

MiriamI started to get to know Miriam through the folks here at Beams and Struts. Our continually intersecting paths and high regard for each other’s work has sparked dialogue and collaboration. Miriam’s first contribution to Beams was this incredible article on an integral approach to parenting in the first three years. As I first began to engage with the material of Parenting as a Spiritual Practice and immediately felt the richness of the terrain I was entering, I asked Miriam if she’d participate in our upcoming Parenting theme month that we’re currently wrapping up.  Miriam generously brought her time and insight to two dialogues with me about spanning the worlds of work and parenting. The first exploring the challenges of these seemingly conflicitng worlds and how to allow each to support the other. The second looks at some practical aspects of dealing with being fiercely called to both motherhood and work and what qualities one may cultivate to navigate this gracefully. Miriam also heads a collective article on 5 perspectives on Mothering as a Spiritual Practice.

It’s one thing to know and appreciate someone’s work in the world. It’s a whole other thing to get to know them personally and really start to feel how embodied that work is. Just how deeply Miriam is practicing what she teaches as a human being and as a mother is both inspiring and humbling. It’s been an honour to work with and learn from her.

I have a deep wishing that all parents be touched by her work, such that all children may flourish in homes where parenting is a sacred and devotional act. 

For more info about Parenting as a Spiritual Practice and to on through!

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