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UK graffiti artist Banksy created the intro for this week's new episode of the Simpsons.

It was apparently inspired by reports that the animation for the show is outsourced to South Korea.

Viewers get a first hand tour of the 'Simpsons Sweatshop' where kittens are thrown in a woodchipper as stuffing for Bart dolls, and a chained-up unicorn helps with the DVDs.

Banksy's work often draws attention to important political and human rights issues; this piece is no different. Conditions in many facories around the world are deplorable. But it should also be said that manufacturing and outsourcing were a key component of South Korea's economic development and the country is now among the wealthiest per capita in the world. What's needed in these factories is a blance between healthy working conditions and inexpensive labour. Unfortunately these finer points don't always make for great shock-art.

Cudos, Banksy, for another great piece. Cudos, South Korea, for 60 years of progress.


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