Egypt: January 25th, 2011

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This powerful video from the protests in Egypt has a much different energy than the mainstream stuff that’s been on TV the past few days. If anything it serves to humanize the spirit of a movement that’s often lost within all the standard political talking points. I, for one, feel deeply moved by this reminder that what people everywhere want is simply a good life.


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  • Comment Link Trevor Malkinson Wednesday, 02 February 2011 18:55 posted by Trevor Malkinson

    I was reading this article on Egypt yesterday, and this passage reminded me of this video and post.

    "In The Guardian, Michael Tomasky writes “Obama is in no position to offer the moral thunder the protesters and their supporters everywhere crave.” Why? Because “the US should not be dictating outcomes any more. The modern world requires a US posture that is more fluid and subtle, and that no longer seeks to call the global shots.”

    Having watched events over the last week as closely as one can from a great distance, I would say there has been no lack of moral thunder. It has come from the voices of the Egyptian people.

    Having demonstrated their pride, dignity, and collective power with such force, I don’t think they crave anything from Washington or anywhere else — bar the fulfillment of their single demand: that Hosni Mubarak stand down.

    To the extent that the expectations of many Egyptians and others are directed towards Washington and Obama, it is perhaps with the hope that anyone who supports democracy would celebrate the extraordinary sight of democracy being born."

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