Allan Watts: "The Earth is People-ing"

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When I came across this short animated clip last week it instantly reminded me of Br. Trevor's first sermon. I was lucky enough to be there in person when Trev delivered that puppy and the most moving part for me was the pause, about half way through, to stop and undertake a collective meditation on what it means to "walk not just on the Earth, but as the Earth".

It's worth reprinting part of that contemplation here, though definitely check-out the whole thing for proper effect:

" walk as the Earth, is to recognize that we’re a product of the Earth, that over vast periods of evolutionary time, the Earth has come to produce us. We literally are the Earth, and we can, as Bruce [Sanguin] says, “learn to be the presence of the Earth in human form”. This is not only our home; we are a creation of that home. Feel into your feet and hands and realize that you are not on the Earth, you’ve come out of it, and it’s your home."

The great Allan Watts would agree, I belive, and below he offers a similar take on the same theme.

As animated by the South Park boys...

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