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Br. TJ is clearly not a fan of his home country of Canada's national anthem.  As the lone American on the founders group from this site (though I live in Canada), I wish my US brothers and sisters Happy Independence Day.  Similar to TJ I find the US national anthem The Star Spangled Banner quite awful (except when sung by Marvin Gaye or played by Jimi Hendrix).    

I do however think the US' unofficial theme song (America F#@! Yeah!) from the South Park boys to be utterly brilliant.  

Enjoy.  And remember it's NSFW.


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  • Comment Link Keith Wednesday, 06 July 2011 22:47 posted by Keith

    Hi Chris,

    I would only one more performance of the anthem that takes it into something great: Whitney Houston singing it at the '91 superbowl...

  • Comment Link Chris Dierkes Thursday, 07 July 2011 02:08 posted by Chris Dierkes

    @Keith. Right. Good call.

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