Slavoj Zizek and Julian Assange, Live in London

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This past July 2nd a rather unique meeting of minds took place in London between Wikileaks editor-in-cheif Julian Assange and the philosopher Slavoj Zizek (moderated by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!). At the beginning of the video Goodman says that they'd put the video up on Youtube so that folks could post it on their websites and such, so I thought I'd do just that.

I'm sure most people are familiar with Assange and the Wikileaks phenomenon by now, but for a homegrown analysis you can check out the Beams article entitled Six Perspectives On: Wikileaks. As a philosopher, I'm a fan of the work of Zizek, one of the most famous public intellectuals in the world today. I consider Zizek an 'insight philosopher', he's chock full of original and unexpected insights into culture, psychology, politics and more. I don't always agree with where his thinking goes (I have trouble with some Lacanian conclusions), but if you're an integralist thinker (integrating true-but-partial perspectives) or a Deleuzian (rhizomatic assemblages) there's loads to be lifted and integrated via Zizek. At any rate, there's lots to chew on in this dialogue, and I'd be curious to hear what arose for others as they watched it.


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