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The Jbox seems an appropriate form to honor Al as he got his start sending homemade recordings to the Dr. Demento radio program, worked as a DJ, and later worked at a radio ad distribution company). One thing often overlooked is that his band has been together (same 4 guys) since 1982!  Al's clearly no gimmick guy--no one could have lasted as long as he has without a serious level of talent.


First up, Al's all time classic (considered by most his greatest song ever) Yoda, parody of The Kinks Lola. Originally recorded in the 80s, this is a more recent live version which includes the Yoda Chant--a sort of nerd version of a Fijian War Dance Chant.  


The story behind Weird Al's parody of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit goes like this.  Yankovic got a hold of the late Kurt Cobain and asked him if he could parody the song.  Cobain asked him if it would be about food.  Al said no it would be about how no one can understand the lyrics to your song.  And so this video (one of the all time greats in the genre) was made (including the original janitor from Nirvana's video).

Next (from 2000s), Al's interpretation of Bob Dylan.  All the lyrics in this song are palindromes.

And from his newest album (Alpocalypse) a parody of Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA called Party in the CIA.  A political jabbing side to Al (not as common in his more pop culture critiques).  It captures the mood of the post George Bush USA, where the evening news talks about how the CIA waterboarded people and then covers how Miley Cyrus (Disney star and proto-sex kitten).  All wrapped in pop goodness.


Here's Al impersonating Elvis from the '68 Comeback Special (complete with the band sitting around him in a circle).  This is a mashup with a little bit of Al's cover of My Generation by the Who followed by "Sexy Al" crooning away one of my all time favorites of his:  One More Minute With You.

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