Online Brotherhood or Big Brother?

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As a follow up to my post about the Evolution of Online communities, I'd encourage folks to check out this episode of On Point with Tom Ashbrook where they talk about how increasingly living our lives online is literally building databases that threaten to infringe upon privacy and freedom in ways that boggle the mind. From the On Point website:

"The next tool in the American police tool belt is a game changer.

A little bit of technology that plugs into an iPhone. It can capture an image of your face. It can scan the pattern of your eyeballs. It will remember forever. And it can track you anywhere.

It’s called the Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System.

Biometrics. American troops have used it all over Iraq and Afghanistan, to ID enemies.

Now it’s coming home. Facial recognition. Iris scans. Sounds like Minority Report. And it’s not just police. Facebook is in the game."

Where are readers at? Does the idea of iris scans and facial recognition capacities weilded by the police freak you out? Or is this all just the natural progression of technology and law and order in our modern society?

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