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[Editor's Introduction- Trevor. When the Occupy movement broke out Joshua Routhier and I were hittin the pedal pretty hard on our Facebook feeds trying to give voice to what was going on. Although we'd never met- I'm not even sure how or when we became FB friends, somewhere our mutual networks crossed- we bonded over our mutual support for the upstart movement and shared some virtual solidarity with one another online. When I heard that he was going to take part in helping with Occupy Michigan, I sent him a message saying that if wanted to write about his experience for Beams the door was open. Somewhere along the way I believe Joshua got frustrated with what he saw as too many in the extended integral community not willing to engage in some way with what was emerging. So somewhere after that Integral Trollz was born, with him and friend Kaine DeBoer dawning the age old role of the trickster/prankster. So without further ado, let the lulz begin.]

Introduction by- Bonnitta Roy

Integral theory as we know it prides itself on being part of a lineage of great thinkers from Buddha to Wilber and many really good folks in between. Integral trollz claims fame with a swarm of gadfly, most of them insignificant and unknown, as gadfly tend to be, but a few rather significant members stand out: Lao Tzu, Nagarjuna, Socrates, Nietzsche, and Trungpa. From them we learn that the most crucial things in life we can’t talk about because they don’t have a name for it, and we can’t use words anyway; that despite all appearances to the contrary, everything is nothing but emptiness, although emptiness doesn’t exist either; that the only relevant statements a thinker can come up with are questions, and when you ask too many questions they sentence you to death; that God is dead; and that everything man has ever done is equatable with a monkey building his house, turning it into a prison, and then squeezing himself into a single cell where he lives in solitary darkness. The fact of the matter is, outside these remarkable truths, there is absolutely nothing at all that integral theory can add. Everything else, as they say, is scenery. And where there is scenery, there are trollz. Be(a)ware of where you walk. We are watching you.






[Integral Trollz is a labor of love and an effort of lulz by Hokyo Joshua Routhier and Kaine Deboer. You can follow them on their Youtube channel or Facebook page.]


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