A Teen's Sensibilities: Rightfully Spreading

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I was a rather precocious and outspoken child. I just wanted to be out there leading something, shaking things up, taking a stand and making change. I found the patronizing pats on the head to be rather annoying and couldn’t wait to be old enough to be taken seriously. Turning 30 was a relief. While still young, am no longer too young.

So when I came across this girl, posted on Facebook, I was delighted. What a wonderful changing world, that anyone can share their voice, and if it resonates, it spreads. She’s young, she’s an artist, doing her thing, making videos, being her age and sharing herself with the world. What inspired me to post about her was the video embedded below, a little ditty about slut shaming (the Huffinton post has even given it play time, with good reason.) I can’t think of how many times I’ve heard women lament about wishing they could tell girls what they know now, bequeath some kind of insight and wisdom that could give them some perspective and ground through the tumultuous times of adolescence. But alas, teen girls listen mostly to their peers. Well that makes this voice then, invaluable.


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