Get to Know a Deity: Shamash Edition

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Today's deity is Shamash, god of the sun, justice, law, and salvation. He is the son of Sin (god of the moon) and Ningal. His consort is Aia. 

shamashWikipedia tells us: 

Just as the sun disperses darkness, so Shamash brings wrong and injustice to light. Hammurabi attributes to Shamash the inspiration that led him to gather the existing laws and legal procedures into code, and in the design accompanying the code the king represents himself in an attitude of adoration before Shamash as the embodiment of the idea of justice. Several centuries before Hammurabi, Ur-Engur of the Ur dynasty (c. 2600 BCE) declared that he rendered decisions "according to the just laws of Shamash."

In other words, a badass deity. 

Shamash also plays a prominent role in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Other awesome facts about Shamash:

He rises from the mountains with rays out of his shoulders. He enters and exits the underworld through a set of gates in the mountain (exits from Mt. Mashu, "Gilgamesh IX ii") guarded by scorpion-people. He travels both on foot and in a chariot, pulled by fiery mules. He upholds truth, and justice. He is a lawgiver and informs oracles.

Like I said, badass. 

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