From Me-First to We-First

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Following the debute of Ian Mackenzie's wonderful short film on Charles Eisenstein and his ideas about Sacred Economics here at Beams, I was moved to write about the link I pereceived between Eisenstein's ideas and the work I do with social media over at my business blog. It sounds a bit vapid and glib, perhaps, to begin with.

What? The deep truth towards which Eisenstein is motioning is somehow related to Facebook? Well, yes... and no. Facebook isn't realy the point. It is rather what is happening through Facebook that warrants interest.

There's no one out there that captures this point as succinctly and impressively for me as Simon Mainwaring. Mainwaring is a former Nike branding guy turned champion for an, "expanded notion of mutual self-interest" that he sees as being expressed through our use of social media. Mainwaring believes we stand at the precipice of a badly needed and necessary shift in thinking from a me-first attitude to a we-first attitude.

I'd offer the below video as a companian to Ian's excellent film, because it's always inspiring to see the spontaeneous co-emergence of ideas in the noosphere:

I'm a fan of the slam-poetry delivery of the message and you can start to see how it's not so very far off from where Eisenstein is grooving. To get to the roots of what Mainwaring is suggesting; however, I'd recommend putting aside 20 minutes to watch his TEDx talk.

There's an interesting and not uncontroversial question present in Mainwaring's suggestion. Can capitalism be a force for good in the world? Can we take the controls of this mighty machine -- the corporate private sector -- and weild them in a positive fashion?

Mainwaring's work has given me some hope that we can. And that this business that I've started in social media can be more than just an interesting way to sustain my life and the life of my family, but also a way to do some good in the world.

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