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magellan boatSr. Bonnitta Roy has started an online educational venture called The Magellan Course. She's begun posting videos in the series. I found them really interesting. 

For those who don't know, Bonnitta is one of the most pioneering of thinkers in the integral world. If you are into really working the yoga of the mind, I recommend these two pieces: here and here. As Br. TJ would say, they are black diamond (maybe even double black diamond) in nature. 

The first video lays out a large sweeping context of the differences between the modern, the postmodern, and the post-postmodern world. The post-postmodern world is built strongly around notions of integration and synthetic thinking. She covers the differences between modernism, postmodernism, and post-postmodernism through a variety of lenses: what view each holds, how each constructs meaning, how each establishes knowledge, etc. 

The themes Bonnitta highlights as indicative of the post-postmdern turn are, I believe, really evident at Beams. This is really at the heart of what we are attempting: synthesis, integration, enactment, and planet-centric forms of thinking and being. 

Bonnitta is establishing the groundwork for both appreciating the post-postmodern integrative, synthetic turn and also pointing towards the creation/exploration of new territories beyond even the integrative post-postmodern (hence the Magellan metaphor) into what she calls aperspectival modes of thinking and being. Another term for them would be post-dialectical. It's a point Bonnitta is trying to call out in my own writing--to move beyond over-relying on dialectics (see her comments to this piece of mine on this point). Bonnitta helps me push my own development in this area.   





Update I: Bonus video...the first that explains the overall framework of the Magellan course. 

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  • Comment Link Bonnitta Roy Thursday, 05 April 2012 17:50 posted by Bonnitta Roy

    The third video is up if your readers are interested in the series.

    Part 2; Dialectical Reasoning and the Mental Structure of Consciousness

    Cover's Gebser's notion of the Epochal Shift from Mythic to Mental Structure of Consciousness

  • Comment Link Julia Sati Monday, 09 April 2012 17:00 posted by Julia Sati

    Wonderful Bonnita. Wondering if the out-surgence of what we call autism are an example of the biological emergence of latent post-dialectic mind.

    Take a look at this and question what kind of mind has the facility to speak with searing clarity in two worlds. In My Language, by Amanda Baggs is a statement about what gets considered thought, intelligence, personhood, language, and communication, and what does not.!

  • Comment Link Bonnitta Roy Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:06 posted by Bonnitta Roy

    Julia, Yes this is my suspicion. I have a model of what is happening, especially with people like Daniel Tammet, for example - what was previously subtle objects (like math, like pi), become more and more concretized throughout evolution of cognition (so for example, Tammet sees pi as a landscape with color and shape). And what was concretized (like the previous mythological structure) becomes onto-genetic (or pre-constitutive) of the newer structure of consciousness (as in jungian archetypes). I'll have to do a video tutorial on this.

  • Comment Link Bonnitta Roy Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:29 posted by Bonnitta Roy

    Julia, I posted the video on my Magellan Course site and wrote:

    this is not dialectical thinking. some see it as a pathology. i see it as a clue to the future, a transitional form, perhaps, in need of more time. Also, note that the various kinds of thinking are not only aspects of human personhood -- but the author in this video also gives credits to the objects. This is important.

  • Comment Link Julia Sati Thursday, 12 April 2012 08:17 posted by Julia Sati

    Yes, the comments on object constancy got my attention. When what's here today wasn't tomorrow, that's a cue to keep my mouth shut.

    Thanks for reposting.

  • Comment Link Vanessa D. Fisher Friday, 13 April 2012 08:37 posted by Vanessa D. Fisher

    Pure soul food Bonnitta. Thank you. I love making love to your mind :) Wish I could join the course, if only life wasn't so full.

    I'll take the videos and our skype chats as nourishing substitute for the time being.

    Kosmic soul kisses,

  • Comment Link Bonnitta Roy Friday, 13 April 2012 11:15 posted by Bonnitta Roy

  • Comment Link Vanessa D. Fisher Friday, 13 April 2012 21:30 posted by Vanessa D. Fisher

    haha, awesome! Now I finally have a word for it :)

  • Comment Link Philip Corkill Saturday, 14 April 2012 21:10 posted by Philip Corkill

    Tomorrows youth have taken their stand, acting out their strange obsessions in cyberspace, in abstract vocational dating circles like the Magellan coruse and Beams and Struts. Obviously lacking the guts to real resistance, this pathetic generation believes it will stop wars and revolutionise education, by reading books, sharing insights, generously de-lighting each others every need, even the unconscious ones, holding sapce for one and all, embracing each others pain, and weirdest of all, not fighting!

    Like it or not, sapiosexual orgies are the emerging converging testemony to love, of a generation of rebelutionaries, who appear to be convinced that loving the hell out or our collective future, and the generations to come, is a real enough prospect to make the Beaming Magellan their post paradise-lost priority, in de-light-full-service. At the very least, we are witnessing a promiscuous glint in the post-man's i!

  • Comment Link David MacLeod Thursday, 26 April 2012 01:12 posted by David MacLeod

    On YouTube, I'm seeing Part 4 posted, but not Part 3. Will Part 3 be posted soon?

  • Comment Link Trevor Malkinson Thursday, 26 April 2012 20:49 posted by Trevor Malkinson

    Hi David, I'm not sure if you've seen this, but all (most?) of the tutorial videos for the Magellan Course are collected at this blog site set up by Bonnitta.

    And Bonnitta, an official big thanks for these, they're really great, I've been chewing on them steady for a few weeks now. please, keep em comin!

  • Comment Link David MacLeod Friday, 27 April 2012 03:57 posted by David MacLeod

    Thanks Trevor. I think I am getting confused by linear thinking and the Part numbers. Looks like it goes from Intro to Part 1 to Part 2 to Part 4A, etc.

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