The Comedy Wheel: Demetri Martin, The Word of the Day

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Demetri Martin talks about losing one's childhood dreams, the arrival of his crazy alter-ego, and word of the day pranks in law school. 

During my time in the Jesuits, we had a summer gathering for all the new members. Our professor for the summer school was the great Jesuit historian John O'Malley. Like Demetri, we played word of the day during that time--for asking questions to Fr. O'Malley. My favorite was 'chinchilla ranch farmer', which if you can believe it was actually used intelligently. We were looking at Jesuit church art in the 18th century Mexico and someone asked about the economic background of the locales--whether any were say chincilla ranch farmers or so. I almost peed my pants. 


Update I: Here's another great Demetri Martin video recently on Conan.

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