Integral Was Too Expensive So We Bought Green

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[Editor's Intro- Trevor. The Trollz are back. In December 2011 we published the first set of videos by the Integral Trollz. I really resonated with the internal critique of Integral there, and the humorous way it was all being done, so we were happy to support that voice. Their work has turned out to be catalytic and important in ways that would've been hard to foresee, with one of the videos eventually finding its way into Terry Patten and Maro Morell's Occupy Integral! article. At Beams we're actively trying to rhizomatically connect with as many different communities working toward the evolution of culture and consciousness as possible. And if an integral view is going to add anything useful to those ongoing encounters, it's going to have to be a healthy and evolving one, and this is where I see the work of the Trollz being so key. Whether they're on target or off, they sure get the conversation moving. And in these videos below, they press courageously into various shadows and sedimentations once again. Bravo, keep up the good work Trollz.]


In light of the context, culture, and environment we find ourselves in- what with the economic meltdown, income inequality, and an uncertain future- the Integral Community seems to find itself metaphorically ill due to uncertain aims and an almost autophagous behavior towards less complex structures. But never fear, just as the body has its defenses, so too does the Integral Community have need of an auto-immuneintegral_trollz system. Enter the Trollz. What started as part joke and part support for Occupy Wall Street has now become an essential part of the Integral Movement. The Trollz synthesize Internet Memes, Integral Theory, Philosophy, Psychology and the enigmatic “Lulz” to poke at the dharma of Ken Wilber. After all, every map has flaws and every community has shadow. Expect Trollz.

For those unfamiliar with the developmental models that Integral Theory uses, please use this handy interactive link to translate our work.

Video 1: In depth look at the cost of spiritual teaching and a serious question around the intention of the work.
Video 2: A response to feedback from video one and a deeper look at this overall foundational concern we have.
Video 3: A lulz filled look at the marginalization of the Green meme and the things we see threatening this Integral Life.


Part 1



Part 2


Part 3

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  • Comment Link Matthew Lewis Friday, 08 June 2012 23:49 posted by Matthew Lewis

    Oh man, thumbs up. Namaste bitches!

  • Comment Link Hokyo Joshua Routhier Saturday, 09 June 2012 18:42 posted by Hokyo Joshua Routhier

    Thanks Matthew!

  • Comment Link Jeremy Johnson Saturday, 09 June 2012 20:43 posted by Jeremy Johnson

    So glad to see this up here. Thanks Integral Trollz. Your honest sense of humor makes the best criticism.

    The third video is on-point. I recently attended an event in the city with integral and evolutionary writers, and my girlfriend and I spoke long into the night about the marginalization of "green." It's a really subtle ideology, a deep shadow that unfortunately, I think, hints that Wilber's Integral Theory and philosophy is subtly a romantic movement, trying to revive modernism and its philosophy. But it becomes like an anchor, weighing down the integral culture from really *speaking* to the emerging generations and the world problems we face.

    Thanks again, keep up the Lulz. You guys are a great example of healthy trolling.


  • Comment Link Hokyo Joshua Routhier Saturday, 09 June 2012 23:36 posted by Hokyo Joshua Routhier

    Jeremy, I have to say brother. I am in love with your recent support online.

    I agree that the shadow is deeply hidden in layers of language and justifications. One of the things that we trollz have sadly encountered is that any time we bring this up, the tendency for the SD crowd is to call us Mean Green. This is profoundly difficult as they are simultaneously reifying the issue while missing the point (from our perspective at least).

    If we are to move forward, we need to slough off this weight of green bashing which is still rampant in both obvious and subtle ways.

    I swear to god I will make up Mean Green "Livestrong" bracelets if I need to...

    Much love

  • Comment Link Chela Davison Friday, 15 June 2012 05:05 posted by Chela Davison

    Brilliant. So well done. Thank you for bringing this here and sharing your work.

    I love what Jeremy has added here as well. I personally feel a lot of really healthy green around me in my communities, with emerging generations, and I am truly lit up by what's shared here as what you're all pointing to is so deeply needed. Feels like a bright and obvious light on what's happening.

    Thanks Again.

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