In this week's Jukebox an exploration into why it may be that we still haven't found what we're looking for.
  Me, Jesus and a whole lotta holy oil. A non-Christian's exploration of the transformative potentials at the heart of  Christian teachings.
  A little Teresa of Avila, Spanish mystic, erotic theologian, and source of profound wisdom. 
  An introduction to the practice of Centering Prayer with Thomas Keating.
  In the third installment of Redemption Week, guest author Jim Baxter argues that we don't need the traditional God of religion to find 'The Land of Milk and Honey'.
  A sermon on the topic of human language in relation to divinity and what a 6th century pseudonymous author has to say on the subject. 
  In this week's Sacred Sundays we attempt to spread the Incarnation around a little bit.
  Do Christian leaders have any social relevance anymore?  Find out as a bunch of us (myself included) sign a petition to stop Vancouver becoming a Canadian Vegas.    
  Audio and text of my sermon from last Sunday, on St. Paul's Letter to the Romans and the division between the worlds of bondage and the Spirit.
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