Ivan E Coyote is a spoken word artist, novelist, storyteller and columnist. Her totems include Bill Cosby, writers Barbara Gowdy, Sherman Alexie and Tom Spanbauer, musicians Veda Hille, Laurie Anderson and Rufus Wainwright.
    Mark Meer is an Edmonton based actor, writer and improvisor. His totems are Jim Henson, John Cleese, Alan Moore, Doctor Doom, and Tom Waits.
A look at the issue of spanking, from the book Nurture Shock, by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman
        Kahlil Ashanti turned his painful childhood experiences into a one man show. He leads at risk youths in workshops that show them how to do the same thing with their lives.    
  Kahlil Ashanti is a writer and performer. In this interview he talks about who would be on his Mt. Rushmore: Richard Pryor, Don Knotts, Eminem, and various formative experiences and friendships.
    Certain parts of your brain become less active, with interesting results.
The legendary outlaw comic Bill Hicks- who both Radiohead and Tool dedicated albums to- is the subject of a new documentary. Watch the rousing trailer for that film, and another piece of live Hicks comedy to boot.
      More than just a spouter of great jokes, this guy shows evidence of non-dual thinking.
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