A look at a pair of frequent characters in contemporary life.
  Arj Barker cleanses cruelty from the kingdom of his shower.  Hilarious.
  I was raised pretty strongly Catholic, but the venture was ultimately doomed because of the music. Is that how these people feel about God?
  Bill Maher rips into Muslim fundamentalists and hypocritical Christians.
    Context isn't everything - but it's certainly something. For example, the stand-up comedy of Brian Regan...
  Socrates, corporate responsibility and a little endorsement of pedophilia for good measure, Russell Brand is a cosmic, comedic paradox.
  This Fourth of July, celebrate the essence of America with a profanity laced self-parody of the US.
  Demetri Martin on goofing through law school. Part comedy, part stand up philosophy.
  The Jbox tonight features a 4 decade retrospective of the work of a singular comedic and musical genius:  Weird Al Yankovic.  
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