A look at the short-lived cult classic 1990 live-action tv series of The Flash. 
  Is Superman a bold, larger-than-life world-changing superhero, or a self-seeking, inwardly focused anti-hero? Well, it all depends on your worldview. 
A look at the role of transgendered characters in comic books. 
      There's potent political allegory in superhero comics these days. In the graphic novel Two Americas, Captain America takes on the Tea Party Movement.
A look at the spirituality of aliens in I Am Number Four. 
A review of his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes.
  Sales of e-books increase, sales of physical books decrease. How do comics adapt? Like this...
The J'box spins some of out favorite songs about superheroes. 
This week our mini-theme is superheros. These guys take it to the next level..
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