A look at our culture's current relationship to beauty and some of the impulses that may be driving us towards greater extremes to meet ideals. This article aims to challenge and question how we as a culture engage with these issues, attemping to bring humour and depth to the very vast topic of beauty.
A guiding model for what's involved in achieving widespread societal transformation.
  Superwomen, Crazy Bitches and Beauty Queens: Why anger in women is so not cool.
What's the TV show The Walking Dead telling us, and how do we move beyond our zombie culture?
From the supreme ordeal to the age of reunion. Introducing a new video series by Troy Wiley.
Some excerpts from Dr. Mate's book In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction
  In her book Brightsided, Barbara Ehrenreich criticizes the belief that we can control the universe with our thoughts. When that kind of regression sweeps a culture, it's time for a little rational thinking before the ship sinks with all aboard clenching their eyes shut and concentrating on positive results.
Barbara Ehrenreich's book Brightsided analyzes America's obsession with success and positivity. This coincides with the Enneagram personality system's type Three: the Achiever. So what happens when one type's values dominate a culture?
Are you a narcissist? Probably. An exploration of our self-focused culture.  
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