If women ruled the world there'd be no more wars. Just kidding.  
A look at the intersection of Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine and integral theory. 
  Is martyrdom an archaic form to be grown out of, or can it still be of service in the spiritual path and in the transformation of the world?
What does our inclination for nostalgia and romanticism leave out of the picture?
  Jeremy Johnson returns to Beams and Struts with a meditation on what's possible in the eye of a storm.
Joining five others, four parts of the Beams team will soon begin a year long study of Karl Marx's Das Kapital, following along to the free online lectures of David Harvey. Apparently we're not the only ones returning to Marx, as a general rebirth of interest in his work is globally underway. Here's a bunch of Marx resources, including the trailer for the new documentary Marx Reloaded.
It turns out that pirates, despite rumours to the contrary, were in fact anarchists. I know this because I was informed of this by a group of scholars, known colloquially as Piratologists. 
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