Your playlist through the spiral of developing consciousness.   
  A sermon on the topic of human language in relation to divinity and what a 6th century pseudonymous author has to say on the subject. 
  A few members of the Beams team will be presenting one of our collective intelligence processes live tomorrow night.
A look at the BBC Documentary Playing God on the new field of synthetic biology and its spiritual and social implications. 
    There certainly is something facinating about the inside of a cadaver...
  William Irwin Thompson on turning our electronic technologies into cathedrals of light. 
  People who work in offices are usually pretty rational. But magical thinking can slip in. 
This brief bit of dialogue from HBO's drama Big Love showcases the mythic/membership stage beliefs of its main characters. 
  A reflection of last week's first ever in-person, facilitated, process Beams and Struts has run. 
  Integral 'fearologist' R. Michael Fisher is at the heart of a new project called the Center for Spiritual Inquiry and Integral Education.
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