Our final segment with Darrin, looking at moving "from the hole inside, to feeling holy inside".
Joining five others, four parts of the Beams team will soon begin a year long study of Karl Marx's Das Kapital, following along to the free online lectures of David Harvey. Apparently we're not the only ones returning to Marx, as a general rebirth of interest in his work is globally underway. Here's a bunch of Marx resources, including the trailer for the new documentary Marx Reloaded.
It turns out that pirates, despite rumours to the contrary, were in fact anarchists. I know this because I was informed of this by a group of scholars, known colloquially as Piratologists. 
Gabor Mate is a doctor and best-selling author. His totems are Gautama Buddha, Yeshua (aka Jesus), Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. Beethoven's in there too.
    Buckminster Fuller, trim-tabs, and new perspectives on life.
  C4Chaos makes his Beams debut with a scorcher on why we might consider supporting Occupy Wall St.
Arrgh, pirates are a pain. But on the high seas of Somalia, cannon balls won't cut it. We need something a little more... creative.
  Is it ever okay to be intolerant? Should some foreign cultures be rejected? These are difficult questions. The Taliban may help us answer them.  
International development is a messy affair.  Nobody quite knows what works. Various schools of thought, each trying to help in their own way, compete for the ‘right model’ of development. Economists say that poverty is caused by poor capital accumulation or restricted markets. Social scientists argue that it’s caused by a system of oppression. Other schools, each with their own bogeymen, focus on everything from overpopulation to cultures of laziness and corruption. But which is right?
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