There's a great deal of significance to this thing we use as a quick, easy reference.
  In this the first installement of Redemption Week, I argue against the introduction of video replay in professional sports.
A follow-up from Viva La Revolucion: The Changing Face of Global Activism. What can we learn from the printing press and Evgeny Morozov? (video)
  A collage-tastic look at one of the most important and contested topics of our time.
Arrgh, pirates are a pain. But on the high seas of Somalia, cannon balls won't cut it. We need something a little more...creative.
  A Dutch firm has designed a font which makes any script easier to read for dyslexics. It's not that different, but it's different enough.
    Beams and Struts launched one year ago. Here are a few reflections from one Beams contributor and editor on what a person learns from a year of doing these things.
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