A look at the latest offering from the great metal documentary filmmaker Sam Dunn.
So much of what we take for granted in everyday life now would seem amazing, or incomprehensible a very short time ago. 
Sound Opinions is a Chicago based public radio rock n roll talk show. 
    A look at Chicago based musician Andrew Bird: violinist, guitarist, singer, whistler, loop pedal magician and subject of the new concert documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year.
This isn't a rhetorical proposition. Petri-dish meat exists now. It should be available in your local supermarket by next Wednesday. Well, maybe not. But they're working on it.
  William Irwin Thompson on turning our electronic technologies into cathedrals of light. 
  Sales of e-books increase, sales of physical books decrease. How do comics adapt? Like this...
  I've digitized my CDs, and now have all my music in one place. Random shuffle brought up these twelve tracks.
    I had day recently full of elements that didn't exist ten or even five years ago. Here's what happened.
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