A shorter version of my essay Women Vs. Women, exploring how in the lives of women, the leading roles are played by other women.  
  Toronto photographer David Morris presents a montage of photos of this year's GBLT Pride Parade, one of the biggest cultural events in the city. 
A look at the role of transgendered characters in comic books. 
There's no surer way to seduce a woman, so say multiple women. There are other reasons too. 
These days it's not so uncommon to celebrate your friend's upcoming nuptials by dressing her like a giant penis, parading her through town and relentlessly attempting to humiliate her...we're trying something else.  
  Gaslighting...a tactic...or form or psychological abuse that causes the victim to question or doubt their memory or perception. Are women really overly emotional nutcases? Or have many ‘crazy bitches’ simply been gaslit?
  Turning towards our demons. Awakening to the fullness of each messy moment. A meditation with Catherine of Siena.  
Time for another Beams and Struts theme week! Join us Nov. 12-19 as we explore the Dark side of Women. Wooooo
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