Vanessa D. Fisher

Vanessa D. Fisher

Vanessa D. Fisher is a published author, poet, public speaker, cultural critic, and self-ascribed Global Nomad currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Vanessa has a keen interest in the areas of gender, sexuality, popular culture, international relations, art and aesthetics, and has presented her work at the past two Integral Theory Conferences. At the first ITC, at the age of 24, Vanessa won a distinguished award for her research and writing in the field of feminism and aesthetics, and at the second ITC, she was asked to facilitate the women’s panel, which included a group of the top female leaders in the field of women’s studies and human transformation. She has also recently co-edited an anthology with feminist scholar, Sarah Nicholson, on integral approaches to sex and gender (in press with SUNY).


  A deeper look at one young woman's journey through sex, shadow, and spiritual eroticism
    A look at how spiritual teachings about revolution help and hurt young women.    
Thursday, 03 February 2011 17:09

LSD and Female Identity

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