What can apple trees tell us about who we are? Allan Watts and Trevor Malkinson break it down. (video) 
        There's a great deal of significance to this thing we use as a quick, easy reference.
Great story, excellent directing, and strong postmodern elements.
  The Matt Stone and Trey Parker (of South Park and Team America fame) musical Book of Mormon won 9 Tony Awards this past weekend.  Who know Mormons were so hip?  
    At their best, musical Sevens infect their audiences with a joy so full and pure that it touches on the divine.
  Sports celebrations and the great eruptions of Yes.
A follow-up from Viva La Revolucion: The Changing Face of Global Activism. What can we learn from the printing press and Evgeny Morozov? (video)
  A response to the Last Poultry Farmer  
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