The modern study of economics has become lost in imaginary worlds and often bears no real relation to what is actually happening in the world. And yet, we still listen to what they have to say. Why?
    A look at Chicago based musician Andrew Bird: violinist, guitarist, singer, whistler, loop pedal magician and subject of the new concert documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year.
  Oh, the city has gone mad. And I’m not referring to the riots that took place last week. That was last week’s madness. This is this week.
A look at the BBC Documentary Playing God on the new field of synthetic biology and its spiritual and social implications. 
  As video stores disappear, so too does a small part of city life.
  Last night, there were riots in Vancouver. But before we got to that, there was an entire city that committed itself to a hockey team...
My top five neglected yet crazy awesome Summer Olympic sports. 
  Chris Hedges lays it down at the Occupy Wall Street Protests in NYC.  
  What can a rush into the net in tennis offer the realm of personal growth and evolution?
      This is a brief whooping up for Terence Malick's movie The Tree of Life. It left me smitten. Dazed. Wondrous.
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