Yet another week on the farmm. Here are some thoughts...
A funny and poignant account by a husband and wife of the taboos of raising children. 
    What were people listening to then? Will you recognize the songs or the artists?
A solo a capella rendition of a traditional song that would make a convention of devils weep. 
Despite drone attacks, book burnings, and a corrupt poltical class, the United States of America still has much to offer the world. Tonight, I present two examples of the goodness that can still find be found in the land of milk and honey.
  A poem by the great Zen master Dogen.
A meditation on the crossroads and the leap of faith.
    A music head churns up the new wave compost pile and unearths some lost gems for your listening pleasure.
  The Jbox tonight features a 4 decade retrospective of the work of a singular comedic and musical genius:  Weird Al Yankovic.  
An internet classic--a 50s style PSA on how to survive zombies. 
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