Why the beloved bowl system of my youth has been destroyed and it's time to have a college playoff system.
  The Nativity by Albrecht Durer.  
If we truly are what we eat, I’d rather be a curvy little Beet or a complicated, layered Artichoke than an over-processed, highly packaged, substance less, edible product. How ‘bout you?
  It's amazing the things we will do to avoid being the least bit uncomfortable. A look at comfort orientation as a form of laziness.
The J'box features The Zombies, a totally underrated 60s British invasion mod band, in honor of Undead Week. 
  Christmas music is usually pretty awful. Full of sap, sentiment, and usually very little depth. Fairytale of New York by The Pogues bucks this trend.
  Diego Rivera's figure symoblizing the African race.
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  Is anger destructive or constructive? Does it lead to constriction and closure or can it expand and clarify? Here's Robert Masters on Healthily experiencing and expressing anger.
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