An invitation into the inner lives and struggles of pro athletes, with a vision for healthier development in sport.
Because it fulfills a need that goes back to prehistory. So says Barbara Ehrenreich. 
Sports are often dismissed as frivolous and unimportant. This meandering journey through the mind of a thoughtful sports fan, attempts to challenge this belief.
  WWBBD? What Would Billy Beane Do? An examination of lessons in leadership from baseball.  
  Over the past twenty-five years the National Hockey League has lost touch with the importance of tradition, as can be seen in its relationship to jerseys.
Postmodern values are implicit in these ads that prominently feature yellow and black people cheering along with the whites.
  Indoor climbing emerged in the 90s and is growing in popularity. It's different from most sports and fitness activities in a lot of ways that can summed up with a simple description: it's postmodern.
  These three forms of entertainment all hit you at the mythic level of development.
  What can sports and Michael Jordan teach us about the possibilities of communities and collectives? (video)  
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