For those of us who came of age as the term "fuck-buddy" came into parlance, a little chastity might not be such a bad thing. In fact, it might actually show us how sacred sex is.
  A look into the female gaze and the sense of male failure--as evidenced through the Great Recession.  
While most progressive thinkers acknowledge the need for gay rights, the tacitly condoned shunning of bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals - even by gays and lesbians themselves - continues to stall progress for the gay community.
  On pain, its healing, and its transformative importance for men. Analysis and first person reflection.  
  Perspectives on the Marc Gafni issue, both links and personal.  
How including cultural construct, biological differences, and power dynamics in our understanding of gender pay gaps allows us to chart a better work world for both men and women.
A look at Jason Bourne as a metaphor for the contepmorary male condition. 
Why aren't there any women listed as core contributers on this site? What's with the sausage fest? I thought this was an integral inquiry, not a dinkquiry. What gives?
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