As video stores disappear, so too does a small part of city life.
  When regular mountain climbing just won't do anymore...
Ongoing events in the Middle East are significant, on this we can all agree. But of what significance are they? Jeremy Johnson holds this moment as one of planetary awakening, the birth pangs of a global culture.
  Arj Barker cleanses cruelty from the kingdom of his shower.  Hilarious.
  What do mutants have to teach us about the creation of humanity community? 
It's berry season. My girlfriend made crumble out of a batch of strawberries my parents picked from a local farm. Here's the recipe.
      Star Wars is about George Lucas. He used to be Luke Skywalker. Now he's Darth Vader. 
  On the sacred art and suffering of doing your life's work.
  The time of denial is over, the worlds oceans are in deep decline. Here's some resources on the state of our oceans, and what we can do to turn the tide.
  Oh, the city has gone mad. And I’m not referring to the riots that took place last week. That was last week’s madness. This is this week.
  Does an iconic kiss tell us anything about our times?
  My boss, Dean Peter Elliott with a very thoughtful and eloquent response to the Vancouver riots.
Sound Opinions is a Chicago based public radio rock n roll talk show. 
  The growth of the post-industrial food movement continues at a rapid pace. Here are resources to further our understanding of this important transformation. (videos)  
  Last night, there were riots in Vancouver. But before we got to that, there was an entire city that committed itself to a hockey team...
    Buckminster Fuller, trim-tabs, and new perspectives on life.
  The Matt Stone and Trey Parker (of South Park and Team America fame) musical Book of Mormon won 9 Tony Awards this past weekend.  Who know Mormons were so hip?  
Many cities have a locally owned and operated movie theatre that appeals with character, history and individuality. Vancouver's got the Rio. And you could help save it.
  For Sacred Sundays today we have a poem about evolution's dance.
Bob Dylan turns 70, and a series of famous musicians weigh in on his achievements.
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