Karl Marx via a revolutionary manifesto penned by Diego Rivera, Andre Breton and Leon Trotsky.  
These days it's not so uncommon to celebrate your friend's upcoming nuptials by dressing her like a giant penis, parading her through town and relentlessly attempting to humiliate her...we're trying something else.  
  Forget the Grinch. Ignore Ebenezer Scrooge. Put Clark and the rest of the Griswald family out of mind. Say hello to Danny the car-wipe.
  What exactly is the calling, where is it emanating from, and why are we so attracted to it?
Today we're gettin' Sacred with Rainer Maria Rilke. 
  Turning towards our demons. Awakening to the fullness of each messy moment. A meditation with Catherine of Siena.  
  A poem by the great Zen master Dogen.
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