C4Chaos makes his Beams debut with a scorcher on why we might consider supporting Occupy Wall St.
  What turns you on? How do you know? Is that really your flavour or is your sexuality rented out to cultural conditioning?
  With another Halloween approaching, it's a safe bet we'll see yet another cultural outbreak of the Halloween Whore.   
  What does the movie Fubar and Girls Gone Wild raunch culture have to do with the evolving cosmos? As it turns out, a lot.
  Cultural issues are important, but they're not as important as what's happening in the economy.
  A simple vision for our responsibilities to ourselves and to others, caring for a world in which much is needed.
  Is Superman a bold, larger-than-life world-changing superhero, or a self-seeking, inwardly focused anti-hero? Well, it all depends on your worldview. 
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