Time for another Beams and Struts theme week! Join us Nov. 12-19 as we explore the Dark side of Women. Wooooo
  Alright, so this is less of a Sacred reading and more of whine and moan…but an important one.
  In solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. protests this week's Jukebox looks at different forms of revolutionary music.  
  A contribution to Dark Side of the Womb week that explores women who tapped into their inner Kali to rock out.  
  Celebrity in our time is not what it used to be. TMZ makes this plain and clear.
A look at the roots of the Halloween tradition and what we might learn from them. 
  That young people should be seen and not heard is certainly yesterday’s news! Check out this teen with her strong voice for maturity, sanity and respect in the culture of young girls.
  Wow, your latest round of plastice surgery sure makes you look like a creepy alien young.
  In a world vying for our attention and selling inadequacy at every turn, how do we guard against the insatiable desire to consume or to simply change our state moment by moment?  
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