A follow-up from Viva La Revolucion: The Changing Face of Global Activism. What can we learn from the printing press and Evgeny Morozov? (video)
  July 1st was Canada Day. Many people painted red maple leaves on their faces and sang O Canada: a dreadful, outdated, whiny piece of music.
  Christopher Hitchens, long-time enemy of God and other totalitarians, died last night at the age of 62.
Arrgh, pirates are a pain. But on the high seas of Somalia, cannon balls won't cut it. We need something a little more...creative.
  Lessons from Egypt on the growth and power of decentralized networks in social organization and protest.
  Political theorist Michael Hardt offers a new vision for societal transition, one now springing forth in the Occupy movement. (video)
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