Why meditate? What can it add to your life? Bergen shares a journal two years in the making of his annual commitment to meditate for 24 hours -- in a row. No incense and candles here; just the backbreaking effort born of conviction that one-pointedness cuts the fog like nothing else.
  In this edition of Sacred Sundays we look at four sculptures whose themes surround the captivity- and breaking out- of the soul.
Introducing a new collection of evolutionary Christian sermons by Reverend Bruce Sanguin
  Rabbi Eric Yoffie with an excellent piece on the problems (and solutions) of typical interfaith dialogue.
  Joseph Campbell with a tour of the chakras and much more.  
  I was raised pretty strongly Catholic, but the venture was ultimately doomed because of the music. Is that how these people feel about God?
  Bill Maher rips into Muslim fundamentalists and hypocritical Christians.
    A devotional poem by Mahadeviyakka, a great female Shaiva Saint of South India.  
 Unfortunately our model of God stalled out.  Christianity, Judaism and Islam today are mere reflections of human consciousness as it was in the long distant past and Western religion has been stuck in an intellectual dead-end for millennia now.  Even so called post-modernist criticism still talks about Grace and Sin and Forgiveness and being with God and not being with God.  Even the most “modern” churches refer to God’s will and we pray to God and worship God. To what end?
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